English Project

About the Project

This academic year a wide-ranging project aimed at English-speaking environment formation within the framework of Tomsk state university has commenced. The students of Biological Institute with major “Biology” are among the first who have taken part in it. On the 30th of August, the first year students successfully passed testing in order to be defined in their initial level of English.
The students will have six academic hours of English per week. The classes will be provided by experienced personnel of the Foreign Language Faculty. During the first year the students will study English for general purposes, and then they will be immersed into specialization, hence a part of specialized subjects will be delivered in English; further they will take part in international conferences. Besides, different meetings are planned within the project, such as master classes, round-tables, open lectures, tutorials involving native speakers.
The main task of the project is to prepare the students of our university to be ready for communication in their professionally targeted field. Thus, the university promotes the students’ potential growth that may serve as their introduction in the world academic-professional community to take part in international research projects, working directly with foreign scientists.
We – the team of the project – wish our students much success in learning English. Their study should be interesting and diverting for the entire course, and bring them much fortune throughout their future lives.

Our team

large_Shulgina_Elena_Modestovna.jpg Project Manager Associate Professor Shulgina Elena Modestovna
large_Minakova_Lyudmila_Yurievna.jpg Associate Professor Minakova Lyudmila Yurievna
large_Melnikova_Elena_Aleksandrovna.jpg Senior Teacher Mel'nikova Elena Aleksandrovna
large_Shaftelskaya_Natalia_Valerievna.jpg Senior Teacher Shaftel'skaya Natalia Valerievna
large_Vychuzhanina_Elena_Vladimirovna.jpg Senior Teacher Vychuzhanina Elena Vladimirovna


Shulgina Elena Modestovna <modestovna@gmail.com> 
phone: +7 (906) 950-0624

Results of II English-speaking Forum for University Students  here